Maroon 5 - Payphone (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa


Over you, love, night …

Over you, love, night.

Above me, darling, day.
And takes away my sorrow
Lilac-dawn sky.

Over you, love, darkness.
Above me, my love, and light.
Why do I could not -
Do not say goodbye to “no”? ..

White angel flying in the clouds …
He leads me along.
To hear the sweet “yes”
To drink your lips honey.

Our fire burns down to the ground.
Not until you buy me a ticket.
Why then did not you been able to? -
Do not say goodbye “no” …



P!nk - True Love ft. Lily Allen


Not have to pay a favorite,
Neither those who are near, and neither of those,
Someone who is far, almost invisible.
But often the closest!

When everything is perfectly built
And life is burning like a banner,
What about happiness worry?!
After all coming true.

When the evil Ile choice words
The soul sometimes it hurts and breaks -
Not хмурьте in раздраженьи eyebrow.
Hold on! Say again and again:
For the happiness we must fight!

And in the storms of acute explanations
Keep us, o God, every time
From neuro-hot phrases
And ill-considered decisions.

It is known barely the ancient past:
Love was not given,
Wherefore neither мщенье jealousy,
No entertainment of any uncertainty,
No hops, no secret infidelity
Love does not stand still!

So fight and decide:
Let there be joy, let the trouble,
Fight, argue, tread,
And only love don’t give,
Do not give never!

Eduard Asadov


Morpheus, to give joy in the morning
My painful love.
Come, blow out my lamp,
Bless my dreams!

Hide this from memory dull
Separation terrible sentence!
Let them see a cute look,
Let them hear the voice of honey.

When will umchitsya night haze
And you forsake my eyes,
Oh, if the soul could
Forget love to the new night!

Alexander Pushkin



Mylene Farmer - Fuck Them All


Circling Ravens ….. wings rustling
The sky turned black from them
Drowning out the thunder bird racket
heart went cold
Lightning in the earth draws a zigzag
The blood stream vzbuhaet
In the back, hit a one-on-as-enemy
I head off Sima
The hero rode on horseback with gold
In sweeping away the ashes of the forts
Brother, you were - was the enemy
At the heart of the dagger stabbing me
Where the shining dome of castles
Where were the meadows and glades
Yes only whiten the skull bones
And the wind grave walks …..




I was sitting in the evening with a pipe at the window;
Sadly looked out the window the moon;

I have heard rustling flows away;
I have seen: the hills fog formed.

In the shower muddied, I shuddered wildly:
I am the soul of the past alive vspomyanul!

In a silver luster evening rays
Lila came to me, the fun of the eyes.

As before, the insidious whisper to me:
"To be thine forever I swear to the moon."

As before, the moon behind the clouds floated away,
And we parted wrong haze.

I blew a tube of burnt tobacco,
He sighed and pulled his cap over his eyes.

Anton Delvig




Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease


Love?.. Do you like? Question - how to spell…

So hear then what she wanted:
Become a dream now I dress
Embracing your body …
Well become lipstick
Often, easily lips touch …
Only excerpts many must -
Not bite, not to kiss!
Or be happy earring
And find erogenous point
And pierce, pierce your lobe,
Mad little bit …
Or - varnish, caressing finger …
Just say - I, whom you want, I will become …
Sorry that I’m not a boy,
Перекормлен deception …

Look, a smile, Wake up service award …
Was? ? Something left?..
No… in your eyes - only pity
But here’s a pity I don’t have…

Evgeny 5





OneRepublic - Counting Stars


Street First Love
I myself would not have made such an error ,
But suddenly , off the ground ,
Wind carried me easily as a feather ,
First Love on the street .

I thought my memory ukachat
Countless trains
What a feeling of sadness , of that sweet sorrow
I fell asleep at all.

But it seems just about and laugh your crystal
You will hear the familiar window
And look surprised and stinging like a mystery
Jerk to me instantly .

Not knowing about the amazing summer,
Not knowing that the girl ,
On the street that has brought me the wind
Having decided to play a trick on me .

And I ‘m going with a guilty smile
On the streets of First Love
From this little zaskripevshey wickets
From this spring grass .

But it seems just about and laugh your crystal
You will hear the familiar box
And look surprised and stinging like a mystery
Explode instantly to me …
Zelvin Horn